The City of San Jose ordinance doesn’t allow donations to be collected until August 8, 2023.

Other key provisions:

  • Each individual is only allowed to give $700 to Pamela’s campaign before the March 5, 2024 primary election and another $700 toward the November 2024 general election. 
  • Every donor must share their name, address, occupation, and employer of the contributor when making their donation.
  • You can only donate to political campaigns if you are a US citizen or have a green card that makes you a legal permanent resident of the US.

Please come back here after August 8, 2023 to donate! 

Questions? Email pamela4sjd2@gmail.com or call (000) 000-0000. 

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<iframe src="https://secure.actblue.com/donate/pamela-camposfor-san-jose-city-council-district-2-2024-1" width="100%" height="500px" frameborder="0"></iframe>