About me

Growing up in San José

Born at Alexian Brothers Hospital, Pamela has lived throughout San José and at her current home in the Vista Park neighborhood since 2006. She is a second-generation immigrant and Chicana whose growing family has established roots across San José and Santa Clara County. Pamela attended local public schools, beginning her love for education at Horace Mann elementary school and graduating in her district at Gunderson high school. She went on to De Anza College, West Valley College, and graduated from San José State University with a dual Bachelors Degree in Spanish Language and Child and Adolescent Development. Pamela has been a trailblazer in her family; she was the first to earn a Bachelor’s degree and empowers first-time voters in her family and community to activate their civic engagement. 

Pamela is inspired by San José’s strong sense of community, enriched by its diverse residents and resources. She has fond memories of childhood trips to local parks and libraries, traveling on the VTA lightrail to visit her mom at work, and exploring local attractions. As the eldest sister of 4 young women, her tenacity in championing children and family issues comes naturally. During her freshman year of high school, as a volunteer cabin leader at Walden West, Pamela truly understood the significance of a positive role model for youth. Over the course of a week, her compassionate and kind leadership left a lasting impact on the 5th graders she nurtured, many of whom sent handwritten notes the following spring inviting her to attend their elementary school graduation, and this left a lasting impact on Pamela’s mission.  

With over a decade of experience in the field of education, Pamela’s career began as a preschool teacher—driven by her love for nurturing young minds. During this period, she experienced firsthand the struggles faced by many educators and families; the unlivable wages of $16 per hour made it challenging to make ends meet and find room for professional growth in the competitive environment of Silicon Valley. Combining her passion for creating a better world for children with her expertise in policy and community development, Pamela has found her path towards creating positive change in the lives of young ones while supporting the needs of families and all of our community members.

Running for City Council

Determined to make a lasting impact in her community over the next 4 years, Pamela is currently running for San José City Council in District 2 to make the city more affordable for all residents. Our future is dependent upon decisions made today, particularly among issues such as housing, public safety, transportation, and economic development. Pamela is ready to lead San José towards an even more inclusive and vibrant community where youth are valued, older residents can retire comfortably, and all who contribute to our rich economy earn a just wage that affords them a better quality of life. 

When we plant seeds and nurture them, they are able to grow and flourish. This frames the vision Pamela see’s for changing the direction of San José; taking care of our youngest children is the investment we must make to improve the health of our City, now and in the future. Pamela firmly believes that being elected to San José City council will allow her the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and help create an environment where all people can thrive. Her unwavering dedication to early childhood education, community development, and sustainable solutions make her a driving force for positive change in Silicon Valley. Her commitment to serving the community that shaped her as San José’s District 2 council member is the American Dream in action, and Pamela is dedicated to working tirelessly for all of San José’s most vulnerable community members.